The Thinking Matrix

The Thinking Matrix

We have been learning about responding to texts around us using the Relate/Reflect approach from The Thinking Matrix.  To introduce this method, we watched an new ad campaign by Burger King called, “Burger King – Bully Jr“.

After watching the ad several times, we talked about the lesson it was trying to teach the audience.  After all, we need to always learn from what we read or see!  We discussed what it means to reflect and relate, as well.  The big learning here is to make sure the students can extend their understanding.  It’s important to identify a lesson but most students can already do that.  What students will be focusing on this year is why the lesson is important to their lives and the world around them.  We want them to begin thinking in a more outward, global way.

Below is a link to the shared response we did as a class after watching “Burger King – Bully Jr”.

Students use this anchor chart to help structure their responses.

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